Please visit our "Shared Documents" tab for recently uploaded items.  The most recent and pressing items are in reference to:
  • Implications of the Child Protective Services Law: On Tuesday, 1/24/17, we held an emergency meeting, primarily for school-based administrators, to share pertinent information with respect to Act 31 of 2014 and Act 15 of 2015.  Look for the document entitled Act31-Act15_Alert.

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    • American Association of Educators: Professional Educators Liability Insurance (included in dues):
      • Any W-2 employee of an educational entity (i.e., public or private school, university, or college) is eligible for $2,000,000 professional liability insurance coverage included in AAE Professional Membership ($198 per year). Owners and board members are not eligible for this coverage.

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Contract Implementation Committees

We are preparing for implementation of our new contract.  If you have expertise and are interested in serving on one of the committees that will be outlined in the contract, please send an email to Robin at casapresident502@gmail.com.  The committees are as follows:

Act 82 -  Principal Evaluation
Due Process
Work Conditions
Health Care
Wage Compression

Turnaround Network Assistant Principals

The Assistant Principals in the Turnaround Network were permitted to attend Professional Development at Martin Luther King Jr. High School from August 8 through the Reorganization period that started on August 18.  This change in venue was authorized however it created an interruption to pay related documents expected from Fels.  I asked Dr. Becoates to notify or have a District Official notify the collection of administrators as to what happened and what the remedy would be.  He replied that he was unaware of any issue and deferred  the matter to other offices.  The District is going to compensate those that participated in the PD at Martin Luther King Jr. High School through the 324 process.  The actual date of pay has not been shared.

Attention Retirees

Educators Alliance
Building enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.
Good To Great

“If a better society is to be built, one that is more just and more loving, one that provides greater creative opportunities for its people, then the most open course is to raise both the capacity to serve and the very performance as servant of existing major institutions.”
John Greenleaf
Dear Retired Educator;

I am writing to you to enlist your support for one of the most worthy causes that we face as educators and citizens of this country. The state of public education in our country is alarming and needs unprecedented support from the entire community. Poor academic achievement, increased incarceration rates, extremely high poverty levels and high crime rates are just a few of the effects that result from underperforming educational systems. 

John Greenleaf tells us that Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. Today I am presenting an opportunity for you to lead and serve your community and the children of the School District of Philadelphia. As a former Regional Superintendent, Principal, Assistant Principal, Teacher, grandparent and the spouse of a sitting Principal in the District I am acutely aware of the challenges that Philadelphia students, parents and educators face each and every day.

Most of us do not have to be told that Federal, State and local governments are not financially capable of addressing the insurmountable academic and social problems that our schools face in the current political environment. Therefore, it is time for you and I to answer the cry for help that bellows from every school in the city. One might ask; what can I do and how can I help, I am only one person? The answer is simple, there is strength in numbers and as servant leaders our organization accepts the challenge to recruit individual leaders who are willing to make a contribution. No matter how small any time you can contribute in any capacity will go a long way toward making a difference in the lives of the children and families who rely on the Philadelphia educational systems for personal and academic structure each day.

As with any newly formed organization there are many details that need to be addressed. However, with the continued servant leadership of the School District of Philadelphia, The City of Philadelphia, Commonwealth Association of School Administrators, SRC Member Sylvia Simms, Schoolmen’s Club, Cheyney University, La Salle University, Temple University and a host of others each and every challenge will, and can be resolved before the school bells ring in the fall 2016-17.

You can get involved in this very worthy project by contacting me for questions or concerns at 215-470-0097 or email me at Theburnleygroup@gmail.com. You may also contact the CASA offices at 215-236-7222 to leave your information. There will be a recruitment meeting at CASA headquarters on June 15th from 6-8PM.

Ralph Burnley, Ed. D.
CEO – The Burnley Group

Retired Administrators Awarded Retroactive Pay

Last year, when the School District of Philadelphia subcontracted substitute service through Source 4 Teachers they added the subcontracting of administrators as well.  CASA was successful in our appeal and the substitute service returned to School District Management.   This adjustment resulted in a pay increase to the rate of pay in our Collective Bargaining Agreement.  For those individuals that worked at the beginning of SY 15-16 until our appeal was granted, retroactive pay was owed.  The matter was settled formally in June and retired employees were paid the retroactive pay on August 26, 2016. 

John William Oliver 
is a British political satirist, writer, producer, television host, actor, voice actor, media critic, and stand-up comedian.  The hyperlink below will take you to a segment he did on NCLB and Standardized Assessments.  Caution the video contains strong swear words that are bleeped but his language and innuendo is not intended for children.  Around the 11th minute he speaks about test publishers and is especially interesting. 


The Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL) program was developed by the National Institute for School Leadership for the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Region 1 is comprised of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery counties and the City of Philadelphia. John Romanoski and Joe Kircher are the regional site coordinators responsible for scheduling, enrollment and delivering PIL courses in Region 1.

 Many Philadelphia Principals and Assistant Principals have been through this program. The PIL program is required for Principals' Induction in Pennsylvania. Principal and Assistant Principals are required to complete induction if they were hired and using their administrative license after January 1, 2008. Although its target audience is  Principals and Assistant Principals who have five or less years of experience, many experienced Principals are also registering for the PIL Program. Research conducted by Johns Hopkins and Old Dominion Universities have shown a direct correlation between school leaders' participation in this program and improved student achievement.

Since the PIL program is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, there is no cost to The School District of Philadelphia or the participant.

It has come to our attention that The School District of Philadelphia has experienced an administrative turnover in many schools and that there are new school administrators who could benefit from participation in this successful program. Enrollment is limited and training sessions fill up very quickly. The PIL courses are advertised at the Pennsylvania Department of Education Website (http://www.education.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/pennsylvania_department_of_education/7237).
 Administrators in Philadelphia should check the Region 1 schedule for dates and locations of PIL courses Please contact either John or Joe (below)  at the numbers/emails below and we will be very happy to discuss the PIL program and answer any/all of your questions.

Thank you!

John Romanoski- johnr1216@gmail.com, 484-300-5366

Joe Kircher- kirchercj615@gmail.com, 215-680-8966

Weingarten Rights

If you receive a written notice that invites you to a meeting and advises you of your right to representation, please contact CASA immediately.  If in a meeting with your supervisor you are told you could be disciplined or terminated as a result of the meeting, respectfully request that your union representative be present.  Then alert your supervisor that you will listen but not participate in the discussion if it continues.